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Careers at CipherLab

Choosing CipherLab as a career partner is a bright move for talented people on the move up. The culture can be a surprise to people who have worked in more traditional settings: CipherLab is different because its people are different.

Once you understand how entrepreneurial spirit and values permeate the company, you'll begin to see the benefits to each employee-partner.

CipherLab's dedication to customer satisfaction is ensured by a positive, nurturing atmosphere for employees who are encouraged to participate in the process. Teamwork, often across disciplines, fosters growth and synergy. Efficient and effective processes eliminate tedium. Talent is rewarded. You may go home tired, but you'll be happy.

If you're ready for the challenges of customer satisfaction, company success and personal growth, CipherLab may be the perfect fit.

Current Job Openings
技術支援工程師 Supporting Engineer
韌體工程師 Firmware Engineer(產品二處)
Regional business development Manager
產品專案管理師 PM
Marketing Associate
維修工程師RMA Engineer (汐止廠)

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