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A Unique Culture

title Values
CipherLab values are entrepreneurial, centered on human values and an optimistic outlook. Our competitor's values are traditional, centered on business metrics and controlling structure.

Approach to market:
CipherLab anticipates vertical market needs; nurtures customer partnerships and relies on in-depth qualitative research and strategic analysis.
Competitors tailor to market needs; build customer relationship; use comprehensive quantitative data and statistics.

Organizational structure:
CipherLab builds teamwork and mutual trust; uses interdisciplinary project teams; captures opportunities.
Competitors cut through layers; reduce headcount; achieve metric targets.

Operating system:
CipherLab operations empower efficient and effective responses.
Competitors use effective budgeting; manage operations using IT.

Human resources:
CipherLab relies upon top quality international talent; encourages entrepreneurship; offers superior profit sharing.
Competitors control expenses effectively; reduce internal barriers; watch the bottom line.
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